Find the Perfect Quotes in Seconds with Reveal's New "Quotes Finder"

Published: 6 days ago, by Alok Jain

The human stories and verbatim voices are everything in qualitative research. Those powerful first-hand quotes are what bring the insights to life and build real empathy and understanding. But manually hunting for the most compelling and relevant quotes across pages of interview transcripts is a tedious, time-consuming task.

What if you could simply enter a topic and instantly surface all the key quotes you need? That's now possible with Reveal's new Quotes Finder feature - a game-changing AI-powered tool.

The Value of Verbatim Quotes

In qualitative research, authentic customer voices in the form of verbatim quotes are pure gold. They provide evidence and colour for your recommendations. They build trust with stakeholders that the insights are grounded in reality, not just subjective interpretation. And most importantly, those raw quotes foster understanding and empathy in a way that can't be achieved through second-hand summarization alone.

But going through transcripts and manually identifying relevant quotes has always been an enormously time-consuming and tedious process. You'd have to carefully read and re-read each line, making notes of any quotes that seem relevant to each of your research topics and themes. It's easy to miss key quotes, especially in longer-form interviews. Consistency is also an issue when you have multiple researchers working on the same study.

Introducing Quotes Finder

Reveal's new Quotes Finder uses advanced AI to automatically analyze your interview transcripts and surface the most relevant quotes for any topic - in seconds. Just enter a topic, theme, product name, or any other keyword, and the most pertinent verbatim quotes instantly appear.

For example, if you enter "mobile app," Quotes Finder will analyze the full transcript and pull out every quote from participants discussing your mobile app experience and features. It's that simple - no more tedious manual mining.

Benefits of Quotes Finder

  • Faster insights through eliminating tedious manual work
  • Comprehensive - doesn't miss a single relevant quote
  • Consistency across all researchers working on a study
  • Enables deeper analysis and empathy by making it easy to find the "nuggets"
  • Frees up time for higher-value synthesis and storytelling

How It Works

Under the hood, Quotes Finder uses large language models and machine learning to deeply understand the semantics and context within your interview transcripts. It's trained on millions of data points across diverse qualitative studies to comprehensively recognize relevant quotes.

The models get smarter and more accurate over time through continuous learning on new data. Rigorous testing ensures outstanding accuracy you can rely on.

Unlock Insights Faster with Quotes Finder

Don't waste anymore time scouring interview transcripts in search of those critical quotes and voices. With Reveal's new Quotes Finder feature, you can go directly to the most pertinent and insightful quotes for any topic with just a few clicks.

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