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Unleash the Power of Intuitive Research Synthesis

Welcome to Reveal, where breakthroughs in user research synthesis meet flexible pricing options. Whether you have sporadic interviews, a steady stream of projects, or just a few to analyze, we have tailored plans to suit your needs. Dive into the future of research with Reveal!

Flexible plans to fit your needs

We offer flexibility to pay-as-you-go or to have a regular subscription. In both cases all features are included.

  • Unlimited users
  • Auto-Transcription
  • PHI/PII Redaction
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Interview-level analysis
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Study-level analysis
  • Comparison reports
  • Emerging themes
  • Quotes Finder
  • Export to CSV

Pay as you go

1:1 Interviews          $9.50/interview
Focus Groups          $28/focus group

Subscription Plan

10 1:1 Interviews          $95/month
10 Focus Groups          $285/month

Create an account

20% discount on annual subscription.. We also offer a 30% discount of educational institutions and current students.

Why Sign Up with Reveal?

Reveal goes much beyond ChatGPT and other tools that provide different forms of summarization.

Conversations, not just transcriptions

Reveal's conversation engine understands the differences between the researcher's questions and the interviewee's answers. It understands the context in which the interviewee provide their comments.

Deeper Analysis

ChatGPT and most other AI-based research synthesis tools provide an output of a prompt. Such an output is valuable, but Reveal goes deeper. Like humans, Reveal conducts layers of analyses that build upon each other, leading to better insights.

Intuitive Interface

Reveal uses a familiar spreadsheet-like interface, making it easier to look at insight across various dimensions.

Time Efficiency

Analyzing an interview takes less than a minute. In addition to productivity benefits, the speed of AI responses allows a researcher to ask additional questions and iterate on their analysis.

Data Privacy

Reveal only uses your data to deliver the service back to you. Your data is not used to train any models and your data is not shared with a 3rd party for any other purpose.

Customer Support

Reveal is built by research practitioners. When you need any help, we understand your context.

How does Reveal compare?

ChatGPT has opened the gates for many tools like Reveal. They all add value.
Reveal delivers better value in the following ways:

Features Reveal Competitors
Differentiates between researchers and interviewee Yes Most don't
Quality of analysis Analyzes conversations leading to a clean analysis. Analyze transcription text, leading to noise in the anlaysis.
Analysis Depth Multi-layered insights based on your research objectives. Standard summarization using templates.
Ease of Use Uses familiar spreadsheet like interface. Steeper learning curve.
Pricing Easy and Flexible Complex. Most are based on "AI Credits" or Interview hours.

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