Elevate your research process.

Reveal transcribes, translates, synthesizes user and market research questions, tests hypotheses, compares interviews and more. All at the speed of AI, getting answers in seconds. See an example

How it works?

Save time, add diversity of thought and free you up for more exciting work.

1. Upload interviews

Upload audio or video files of your interviews. Reveal will automatically transcribe and translate them. After that, it will ask you to identify the interviewee.

2. Specify questions

Add your research questions and hypotheses that you want to test. As more questions come up during the analysis, add them as well.

3. Review analysis

Reveal will analyze each interview for the questions and hypotheses. It will also suggest additional themes and look across interviews to find similarities and differences.

An hour long interview takes ~1 minute to analyze..

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Recordings -> Conversations

First and foremost, Reveal takes the hassle out of transcribing research records. Our advanced technology automatically transcribes interviews, supporting multiple languages, and employs robust algorithms to detect and redact sensitive information like PII and PHI.
Simultaneously, Reveal goes beyond mere transcription by extracting meaningful conversations from the records, offering you a comprehensive view of your qualitative data.

Conversations -> Answers To Research Questions

Once your conversations are transcribed, Reveal leaps into action by swiftly finding answers to your burning research questions.
No more time-consuming manual searches through multiple interviews—Reveal does it in seconds, streamlining your workflow and providing you with actionable insights at your fingertips.

Go Deeper

What sets Reveal apart is its ability to delve deeper into your data. It goes beyond individual interviews, comparing them to uncover similarities and differences. This advanced analysis doesn't stop there—Reveal suggests emerging themes and tests hypotheses, taking your qualitative research to the next level.
And that's not all; stay tuned for our upcoming release in 2024, where we'll unveil the capability to identify cohorts of interviewees with similar thoughts, generating data-informed personas.

Simple Analysis Grid

To bring it all together, Reveal presents your synthesized data in a simple and easy-to-use grid. We understand the importance of clarity and accessibility in research analysis, and Reveal ensures that your insights are presented in a visually intuitive manner.
Elevate your qualitative research experience with Reveal—where AI meets synthesis for unparalleled results.

And more...
Natural language search across multiple studies
Overwrite AI's findings with yours
Exports data to use Google Sheets, Miro or another tool of your choice.
Ask ad-hoc questions as you discover them.

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Our guiding principles

Human > AI

Your input takes center stage. While our AI is a powerful assistant, it's you who calls the shots, ensuring that human intuition and expertise always lead the way.

Data privacy

We work hard to keep your data safe, making sure it's private and secure by using strong protection methods. view details

Fit into your workflow

Reveal is being designed to integrate into your existing workflow, ensuring changes are made only where they truly enhance and add value to your processes.

Data privacy

Data privacy and security are critical in AI products.

  1. All of Reveal data is encrypted.
  2. Access to data is restricted.
  3. Reveal uses Industry leading OpenAI API.
  4. Data submitted through the OpenAI API is not used to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI's service offering.
  5. OpenAI does not share your data with third parties for marketing purposes Open AI does not share user content with third parties for marketing purposes. You can find a list of subprocessors OpenAI has engaged with to provide processing activities here.
  6. You can request your data to be deleted Yes, we will delete your content (such as prompts, generated images, uploads, and API responses) when you submit a data deletion request. We will also forward your request to OpenAI, which also supports it. A data deletion request can take up to 30 days to process once it has been received.

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