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Reveal will analyze each interview for the questions and hypotheses. It will also suggest additional themes and look across interviews to find similarities and differences.

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Discovering Customer Needs and Preferences

Reveal surfaces customer needs, preferences, emotions, attitudes and behaviors.

Research Objective

How they think about Peloton's price.

  • Initially thought $3000 was a lot of money.
  • Considered canceling a vacation to justify the cost.
  • Visualized themselves being fit and healthy and thought it would be worth the price.
  • Believed the investment in Peloton would be worth it if it helped them enjoy regular workouts and get addicted to exercise again.
  • Did not compare it to other options.

Associated transcript

22.94 minutes  
Because the idea of being able to have the convenience of something in my home and be able to get a quick workout, that was also a good workout was really appealing to me because I think sometimes one of the obstacles around working out is you feel like, oh, I need to like, you know, take an hour or an hour and a half. And you know, I have to like even going outside, I have to like put on my mask, go down the elevator, go outside, go for my run. Make sure there's no creepy people around me. Like it's just a bit more of an ordeal than having something that literally is behind
26.27 minutes  
Well, I would say I'm definitely not looking for all of my workouts to be squeezed in. I think that being able to squeeze a workout in will make it harder for me to have an excuse to not do a workout. So I'm hoping that it will allow me to work out, let's say five days a week instead of just two days a week. But for me, I would say that the other reason why I was looking for something other than the TRX is, I don't feel like the TRX replaces the feeling I have when I'm running because when I'm running, I am listening to my music and there's something about running that always just did it for me. And so I was hoping that the, the classes and the community aspect and the music kind of all together with the Peloton would make working out fun again.
28.0 minutes  
If it gets me to enjoy regularly working out again, I think it'll be worth every penny.
38.4 minutes  
Well, that was, yeah, the thing that was kind of unclear to me is why did I, well, actually it was, what was I comparing the price to? That was the first thing that came up through my mind. Yeah. So at first I was like, you know, in Canada, I think it's like $3000. I was like, um $3000 that's a lot of money. And then I was thinking about what else do I spend $3000 on? And I thought about travel, which we're not really doing, you know, and like we have a, a week away in a cabin booked for late October. And I was like, you know what, that's $2000 and why don't I just cancel that week? And that's like two thirds of the price of this thing. And then I just kept thinking like I was visualizing ourselves being really fit and healthy and if someone was like, you can have that for $3000 it was like, oh, well, it's totally worth $3000.
42.48 minutus  
Yeah, I didn't ask for anything else until after I bought it and then after I bought it, I said, oh, I just bought one. You inspired me to buy one and she said she loves
69.17 minutes  
The thing that was the least clear to me. And I would love your thoughts on is where does pricing come into this? Like, I did go through a bit of an exercise of like, ok, $3000. Ok. I'm spending $2000 on this cabin rental for a few days. Uh, but I would have normally assumed that there would have been more of a struggle around price and that tends to be something that often comes up in these interviews. Of course. Right.
75.73 minutes  
Right? Yeah, that's true. And it's interesting because I think if it was 25 or 3500, it probably wouldn't have made a material difference, right?
78.18 minutes  
What you, that's what you, yeah, I agree. And it makes me think like as a marketer about, you know, Peloton, it seems like their first wave of customers where people who are already quite active and substituting spin classes or soul cycle or like other things like that, you know, with this type of exercise and even if, when you look at their messaging, like there's nothing about Peloton that's actually talking to someone like me. I have to actually, I actually did a lot of research. I googled like first time on a Peloton, Peloton when you're not in shape. Like I googled all these articles just to see like, what is that experience? Like? Because, you know, I think there's enough of a market that they don't have to go there yet.
79.93 minutes  
See, I disagree with that in this case because I would say for most products, the low hanging fruit is the one where you have maybe fewer anxieties or, or obstacles, right? And so someone who is already exercising, I would say that the marketer at Peloton was like, it's easier to get someone who's already exercising on a bike to switch to this than to convince like out of shape Amrita to go through five other hurdles on top of those things. I I don't personally think that um it's because the marketers just go to sort of the out of the box stock option. That's why, that's why. Yeah.
81.4 minutes  
Right? But you also have to, you also have to want to reach those people because I would say I would argue that seeing people like me on the Peloton website may actually turn off people who really love using a Peloton. Yes,

Research Objective

What are Interviewee’s pain points?

  • Struggled with finding time and staying consistent with exercise.
  • Felt self-conscious about their age and not being in as good physical shape as others.
  • Experienced weight gain and discomfort while running.
  • Missed having me time and breaking up their day.
  • Felt restricted in walking alone due to safety concerns.
  • Felt that their current workout routine was not enough.

Associated transcript

3.04 minutes  
I feel like for at least four years I would say I have struggled with, you know, I'll start running. I'll do that for a little while and then not keep it up. Then I'll try a class and not keep it up. I just haven't gotten over that hump of being really out of shape and getting back into shape.
3.67 minutes  
I, I'm trying to think it was pre-covid for sure, because it's closed. It's been closed since March. Probably before that. I would have used it over the winter.
4.64 minutes  
Well, I would say out of vanity for sure, part of it is just wanting to be a certain weight and size. And then I would say, you know, after I turned 40 I definitely was more conscious of just continuing to live a healthy life and a long life and to be able to be active and avoid a lot of the issues that people have when they don't stay active as they age. When
5.07 minutes  
That is a question I cannot answer on live TV. That's
5.48 minutes  
Probably the thing I relate to the most is, you know, if I want to go hiking or I work with a lot of people who are much younger than me. And I do find sometimes if we're doing some kind of team activity, I'm conscious of the fact that I'm not in as good physical shape as them. And it just makes me self-conscious about my age. And, you know, I wanna be able to, I, I like going hiking and there have been times where I've been hiking and I feel like it's more of a struggle for me compared to my husband or other people I'm with and I just wanna be able to keep up.
6.12 minutes  
No, he gets exercise through, you know, he walks, he skateboards, he works out if I force him to, but he doesn't like to work out. Got it.
6.49 minutes  
No, no, no health problems. Touch wood. Um But it's really just, uh I've been around people who have just advised me that, you know, as you get older, everything slows down and you just need to, uh keep the momentum up versus trying to get into shape when you're later in life. So that was really the motivation. And I would say I have noticed that it's a lot easier for me to put on weight more recently. And so it's not a problem, but I am definitely uh a little more padded than I would like to be. And
I think they're related. I mean, my weight does impact my comfort. For example, when I'm running, you know, when I was £20 lighter, it was a lot easier to run. And so I do think that they're correlated, but I would say that for me it's really just long term, the healthy wear clothes that I feel good in because I'm a size that I wanna be and, yeah, just don't have problems down the road
7.28 minutes | Play
8.0 minutes  
I think I've known that just for a while, you know, because as I said, uh, just over the last few years, I feel like I've just been really consumed with work I really love what I do and so it can be very easy to just keep doing more of it and not think about taking breaks. And so I've been more just like all of a sudden I woke up one day and I was like, wait a second, where did all this, like where this little belly come from? Or it was just more of a realization.
I did talk to somebody probably a week or two prior. So I had asked my husband probably, I'd say a couple of months ago, I was like, do you think we should get an exercise bike for our condo? Like we live in a loft and our gym is closed and he was like, no, we don't need to do that. We can just go to the gym. And I said, well, the gym is, and so through that process, I was researching. So I remember going on to the Peloton website and using the chat to find out about financing options and what the rough delivery time was like in Canada. And then when my husband was kind of saying no to the exercise bike, I kind of left it and I was like, ok, I guess we won't get it. And then I just went on my merry way, just kind of thinking in the back of my mind that I got to find ways to get my exercise. So then I bought a TRX, which is one of these things that you hang over your door and you can do these strength training exercises. So I bought that thinking that that would be a good start and I do use that. But, uh, yeah, I can tell you

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Testing Hypotheses

Here are a couple of hypotheses:


Peloton's premium brand image was a big influence on interviewee's purchase decision.


The interviewee did not mention Peloton's premium brand image as a factor in their purchase decision.


The decision to purchase Peloton was largely emotional.


The interviewee mentioned that seeing a friend's post on social media about enjoying quick workouts with Peloton inspired her to buy one. She also mentioned being curious about the social aspect and community of Peloton. Additionally, the interviewee expressed a desire to get addicted to something healthy and hoped that the investment in Peloton would help with consistency and enjoyment of workouts. These emotional factors played a significant role in her decision to purchase Peloton.

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Emerging Themes

In addition, Reveal looked through the transcript to identify additional patterns and suggest emerging themes.

Additional themes identified
  • Struggle with finding time for exercise
  • Motivation for exercise
  • Desire to keep up with others
  • Convenience and flexibility of home workouts
  • Desire for a structured and motivating workout
  • Drivers of the decision to purchase peloton

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