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Built by Researchers in collaboration with other researchers.

At Reveal, we believe in revolutionizing the way qualitative market research is conducted. Our cutting-edge AI technology allows users to effortlessly synthesize insights from user interviews, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence. Gone are the days of tedious transcriptions and manual analysis. With Reveal, you simply upload your interview recording, and our advanced algorithms take care of the rest.

Founded by a team of seasoned researchers, Reveal is the result of years of dedicated research and innovation. We understand the challenges faced by researchers in today's fast-paced digital landscape, and we're committed to providing solutions that streamline the research process without compromising on quality.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our product, from the intuitive user interface to the powerful AI-driven analytics engine. But what truly sets Reveal apart is our collaborative approach to development. We believe that the best solutions are created when researchers work together, pooling their expertise and insights to create something truly revolutionary.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Alok Jain

CEO and Chief Researcher, Reveal

27 years of experience covering all aspects of user experience design, including mixed-methods research (qual + quant), personas, journey map, interaction design, advanced prototyping, conversation design, and ops. In addition, significant experience in Product Strategy, Data Analytics, and application of ML.

Niket Patel

CTO, Reveal

I have always been fascinated by how things works, and now I make them work. Area of my expertise is web based technologies and I use them to make great web based application. Also I always keep business, technology and people in balance, put simply, "I use technology to make products that makes life easier for people who uses them and that helps business grow". I prefer long term benefit then short term.

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Reveal goes much beyond ChatGPT and other tools that provide different forms of summarization.

Conversations, not just transcriptions

Reveal's conversation engine understands the differences between the researcher's questions and the interviewee's answers. It understands the context in which the interviewee provide their comments.

Deeper Analysis

ChatGPT and most other AI-based research synthesis tools provide an output of a prompt. Such an output is valuable, but Reveal goes deeper. Like humans, Reveal conducts layers of analyses that build upon each other, leading to better insights.

Intuitive Interface

Reveal uses a familiar spreadsheet-like interface, making it easier to look at insight across various dimensions.

Time Efficiency

Analyzing an interview takes less than a minute. In addition to productivity benefits, the speed of AI responses allows a researcher to ask additional questions and iterate on their analysis.

Data Privacy

Reveal only uses your data to deliver the service back to you. Your data is not used to train any models and your data is not shared with a 3rd party for any other purpose.

Customer Support

Reveal is built by research practitioners. When you need any help, we understand your context.

How does Reveal compare?

ChatGPT has opened the gates for many tools like Reveal. They all add value.
Reveal delivers better value in the following ways:

Features Reveal Competitors
Differentiates between researchers and interviewee Yes Most don't
Quality of analysis Analyzes conversations leading to a clean analysis. Analyze transcription text, leading to noise in the anlaysis.
Analysis Depth Multi-layered insights based on your research objectives. Standard summarization using templates.
Ease of Use Uses familiar spreadsheet like interface. Steeper learning curve.
Pricing Easy and Flexible Complex. Most are based on "AI Credits" or Interview hours.

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